Men’s Shelter Addition

Men’s Shelter Addition Grand Opening

Interior of Expanded Men's ShelterOn Tuesday, March 5, 2024, Cuyahoga County and Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry announce that the existing Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside will open a newly renovated addition to the shelter. The LMM Men’s Shelter, already the largest shelter in the state of Ohio, will now offer more space and added amenities.

Cuyahoga County purchased the building located at 2020 Lakeside Avenue for $550,000 in 2021 and has since invested approximately $4.5 million dollars to redevelop 14,000 square feet of space to serve as the addition. The added space is directly connected to the original portion of the shelter at 2100 Lakeside Avenue.

Cuyahoga County conducted interior renovations, installed HVAC systems and performed modifications for residential use, among other repairs.

The shelter will continue to serve the unhoused population with 114beds. Although the Men’s Shelter is not adding more beds, this additional space will allow for a more dignified and semi-private rooming experience as the new space features semi-enclosed, more private sleeping areas with lockers.



  • Food service
  • Washers/dryers (also a bed bug removal dryer)
  • Newly renovated bathroom and shower facilities
  • Common areas with TVs
    • It’s a 50% increase in overall space, and is 114 beds in semi-private enclosures (no door, but like pods, with a locker).
    • It’s not about capacity, we have had enough capacity for years, but we can now eliminate our off-site overflow and accommodate everyone on our campus. No need to shuttle people to off-site shelter. No increase in foot traffic for shelter, just better spaces for them.
    • We will officially open to 2020 residents for emergency overnight shelter only, when  a certificate of occupancy is received.
      • Once we layout the 2100 side of the connector, then 2020 will be the entrance to our integrated campus.
    • County has 3.725m of APRA $ available to 2100 major renovation. Once 2020 is launched, we will then renovate 2100 w/County, step by step. That will dramatically improve 2100 and have enough capacity during the renovation.
Office of Homeless Services
310 West Lakeside Avenue, Suite 195
Cleveland OH 44113

Phone: 216-420-6844

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