Levy Funded Program Provides Workforce Training for High Schoolers

by Lester Holmes, Communications Officer, Dept. of Health and Human Services


The Cuyahoga County Family and Children First Council has partnered with the Values-in-Action (VIA) Foundation to provide workforce training services to local youth. Financed through the Health and Human Service Levy Fund, this program targets 11th and 12th grade students at several local high schools, including Bedford High School, Ginn Academy and Mayfield Heights High School.

The purpose of the program is to help participating students identify their career interests while developing their character strengths, workplace values and practical skills. The students are also exposed to community mentors who are established professionals in various occupations who have volunteered to share their expertise and resources with the next generation of Cuyahoga County’s workforce.

During the academic year, students will prepare presentations on their chosen field(s), participate in trainings for job interviews, and connect with employers for entry-level positions. The partnership between Cuyahoga County and VIA aims to empower young people to become responsible adults and contributors to community.

Click here for more information about the Family and Children First Council. Visit  https://www.viafdn.org/ for more information about the VIA program.