Parental Responsibilities for One Parent Paying Child Support


Become educated about your support order. You are responsible for what is in your order. Know your rights and responsibilities and exercise them.

Parties to a child support order are required to:
  • Report any address changes including for the child.
  • Report changes in employment including additional employment.
  • Report changes in income.
  • Submit documents by the deadline stated in the notice.
  • Provide copies of any new orders related to the case.
  • Report changes in legal custody.
  • Keep a record of any receipts, correspondences and orders.
  • Report changes in health insurance coverage.
  • Report any reason why support should terminate and provide supporting documentation.
  • Provide documentation regarding disability.
  • Report any issues on a case.
  • Report changes in spousal support (if applicable).

Custodial Parents are not entitled to any overpayments and may be required to repay an overpayment after the support order has ended.

Non-custodial parents who are unemployed and under a seek work order are required by state law to register on

Office of Child Support Services
1640 Superior Avenue
Cleveland OH 44114

Phone: 216-443-5100
Fax: 216-515-8484