May 2012
James Jarvis James aka JJ is one of the most lovable children one will ever meet. JJ loves to be around people at all times. JJ loves to tag along while one does their work or simply going to the store. JJ would love to help one prepare and cook all daily meals and snacks for everyone. JJ would make the prefect addition to any one’s family by just being present in the day-to-day life. JJ loves to build with blocks and Legos and can do it for hours at a time. JJ has a vivid imagination that makes one smile each time they interact with JJ. JJ also loves to learn using computer games and loves to do math games on his tablet. JJ loves to be outside when the weather is nice and be free in nature, he loves to take walks or just simply sit outside and relax. What are you waiting for? Make James a part of your forever family!
Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Carol Beck, Catrice Sims
Telephone: (216) 212-5837, (216) 881-4991
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