Christopher T

March 2008
Christopher T Christopher is full of energy! Christopher wants to be an actor when he grows up. Christopher states that he likes school, playing video games on his tablet, playing with electric toy cars, and spending time outside playing football and tag. He also likes watching cartoons and kids’ movies.

His favorite superhero is the Incredible Hulk because he is "so strong and no one can hurt him". His favorite are the Marvel movies and would love to see one on the big screen. Chris has a very good appetite and would eat his favorite breakfast, pancakes, every day if you let him. When snack time comes around, he can be found enjoying all types of raw veggies dipped in ranch dressing.

Christopher is a funny, witty, and charming young man who is looking for the support, patience, and love a family can share with him so he can reach his full potential.
Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: David Torres
Telephone: 216-881-4545

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