CFS Employees posing with a table full of donated children's toysWhen children are removed from their homes and placed into protective custody, they have few, if any, of their personal belongings. During the time children are in foster care they have birthdays, receive good report cards, or celebrate holidays. It is for these occasions and more that we ask for donations from our community. At times we run special collections, but any time is a good time to donate and bring a smile to a child’s face!

  • Holiday/Special Event
  • Bikes
    Groups or individuals are encouraged to donate new or gently used bikes for kids of all ages. Businesses, groups, or even individuals can work with Together We Rise to host a bike build.
  • Birthday Gifts
    Working with over 6,000 youth you can bet that every day is somebody’s birthday. Help make it special by donating a birthday gift! Not sure what to get? Again, take a page out of Together We Rise’s book and check out their Birthday Boxes.
  • Welcome Home Kits
  • Comfort Cases

If you are interested in any of these opportunities or have any questions, please fill out the inquiry form below. 


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