About the Fatherhood Initiative

Father hugging adolescent daughterThe Fatherhood Initiative began in Cleveland in 2004 under the leadership of Al Grimes. It became the premier organization of its type in the United States. It seeks to strengthen families in our community by encouraging fathers to play an active role in nurturing and raising their children. The Fatherhood Initiative continues to fund programs to assist fathers in promoting the financial and emotional needs of children. It provides options through programs presented by partners in community based organizations.

In addition to other initiatives, the Fatherhood Initiative wanted to ensure fathers are treated fairly when they come to the county for services and included in the process when there are issues involving children. To that end, a county-wide audit was performed and enhancements were made throughout the county. It serves as a resource for county services.

In June of 2005, the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative hosted the first ever public sponsored forum created specifically for the following purposes.
  • To promote healthy father-child relationships.
  • To address the social problems that result from “father absence”.
  • To strategize as to what we must do, as a community to ensure that every child has a dad in his or her life.

Over 2,400 dads and their children attended the two-day event. The Annual Fatherhood Conference has continued to grow each year with over 3,000 attendees.

Al Grimes

Fatherhood Initiative
1640 Superior Avenue, Suite 80
Cleveland OH 44114

Phone: 216-348-3967
Fax: 216-443-7276

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