Child Support FAQs


1.    What happens at an administrative support establishment hearing?        

A Hearing Officer obtains testimony and financial documents from the parties and then runs the Ohio Child Support Guidelines to determine the amount of child support and medical support that should be paid. The Hearing Officer will also determine which party is to provide health insurance for the child(ren). Both parties have the right to object to the administrative order within 14 days of issuance at the appropriate court.

2.    How can I estimate what I will be ordered to pay or receive in child support?

The Ohio Office of Child Support (OCS) has an online calculator available to estimate the amount of the order. (site

3.    Do I need an attorney for an administrative support establishment hearing?

No, an attorney is not required, however you may bring one if you desire.

4.    Why is my payment late?

A payment is not considered “late” until it is 2 weeks past the date it should have been received. Keep in mind, that obligors have the entire month to make a payment. However, at times payments can be disputed for various reasons that may include:

  • The employer changed payroll systems or payroll staff
  • There was a holiday and processing is delayed by one or two days
  • The payment was delayed by the post office
  • The obligor did not work during the time frame (sick, vacation, not enough hours, etc.)
  • The attached account had insufficient funds
  • The obligor may no longer be unemployed

5.    Why didn’t I receive a payment that is posted?

  • The payment may be assigned to the State of Ohio due to certain public assistance benefits being received by the obligee
  • The case may have an impound (hold)
  • Your address may be invalid in our system
  • IRS involvement

6.    How do I request enforcement?

  • Child Support Customer Service Webportal
  • Contact: 216-443-5100
  • Walk-in
  • Bold Chat
  • OCSS will begin enforcement action with engagement calls and letters to the obligor to assess the situation and determine the next appropriate action. Each case is reviewed on their individual merits and in addition to ongoing automated actions, we will review your case for additional administrative and civil tools in an effort to generate regular and consistent support payments for your family.  These tools may include but are not limited to the following:  database searches for attachable benefits/employment/income; phone/written communication; driver’s license suspension; court action.  Any additional information that you can provide related to the obligor’s address and/or source of income would assist greatly with our enforcement efforts.

7.    Why did my employer receive a termination order yesterday and a withholding order today?

Changes in jurisdiction or payment amounts require OCSS to adjust the income withholding and reissue to the payor.

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